About Us



Time is more than minutes, hours or seconds on our dials. Time is about seizing the moment and celebrating life through actions that matter. We build our memories now. We live connected to the present and to the people around us because no matter how different we are, we are all united. Time unites us even when we are in different time zones and speak different languages. Our vibrant hearts and love for life are the elements that connect us. Time&Company is about those who live their life to the fullest, doing what fulfils and inspires them the most. It’s about those who act with enthusiasm, those who inspire others to make this world an amazing place. We create timepieces and accessories for free spirits, trailblazers, forward thinkers and adventurers. People like you. And even in those moments when standing out or standing up for what you believe in can sometimes make you feel alone, we are here to remind you that you are part of something big. You are part of a vibrant community that’s Time&Company


We’ve put a lot of thought and care into every detail of what we do.Our watches celebrate bold minimalism for those who dare to dream, do, create and explore, as we want to be alongside our watch-wearers as they take on the world. Our products represent different voices and individual perspectives united by a mindset that’s fearless, hopeful, positive. Watches that look slick on the wrist seal the deal.


Our mission is to match your mindset while you make the most of your life and seize every new, exciting experience. Those like you inspire us to constantly build fresh, new collections, so watch this space. As you know, the richest life comes down to the time you have and it’s about the jump you take in every new experience, while being in the right company. Or, as we like to say, it’s about Time & Company.